Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Perks of Being a Teenager

Holy smokes! I was not intending to write a blog post today, but I just looked at my little countdown app on my phone and I have realised I have 38 days left of being a teenager and I'm not going to lie, I nearly pooped my pants. There's something about going into a new age bracket that's really freaking scary, especially because I remember my thirteenth Birthday like it was yesterday! The past seven years have gone so fast and I truly have been at my highest and lowest points in life across my teenage years. Today I'm going to pretend that my teenage years were a Reality TV show and do a kind of 'Best Bits' situation... Wish me luck. (Some of these are so strereotypical it's insane)

1. I managed to eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's by myself
2. I attended probably about 50 sleepovers (some of which I hosted)
3. I had a waterfight at school
4. I learnt to drive
5. I had my first kiss
6. I lived in America for 3 months away from my family
7. I dyed the shit out of my hair
8. I had an emo phase
9. I was sick from alcohol (not recommended)
10. I bought yellow tights and thought it was a good fashion decision (DEFINITELY not recommended)
11. I made some incredible friends
12. I did the Duke of Edinburgh Award
13. I completed High School and got into Uni
14. I had my first proper relationship
15. I got a tattoo
16. I attended several house parties
17. I was a vegetarian for 6 months
18. I had crazy mood swings (at the time I thought everyone else had the problem)
19. I got piercings
20. I got caught out from lying to my parents and got dragged home at 2am by my Dad
21. I stayed up all night laughing with my friends
22. I got texting down to a fine art
23. I have had 6 jobs
24. I have learnt how to deal with money
25. I have house sat for my parents and I didn't die
26. I have been to (several) police raided parties
27. I was a Bridesmaid a few times
28. I went skiing with all my friends
29. I attended lots of gigs

Phew I was getting a little emotional there reminiscing! Obviously there are loadsssss more amazing memories that I have had growing up, as well as a few not so nice bits but I don't focus on those or really remember them much which is good. I am so lucky to have had such incredible opportunities growing up I really am blessed! I love writing lists like these because not only am I a list-aholic, but it makes you appreciate what you have and everything you have had. **ALSO, DISCLAIMER, some of these things make me sound quite cool or at least a little bit less nerdy than I actually am, don't be mistaken I have also spent many a Friday night sat at home listening to Taylor Swift and doing my homework**

Let me know if you've done any of the above, or if you're turning 20 soon I'd love to talk about it!

That's it really!

Me and 'The Crew' as we refer to each other on my surprise 16th Birthday day! To this day they're still my best friends and I love them all dearly, as I love this photo too <3

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