Monday, 26 August 2013

The Liebster Award!

Today I was sitting in work on my break flicking through my phone mindlessly when I received three consecutive emails from blogger saying that the lovely Gemma had been commenting on my blog, and had also been kind enough to tag me in The Liebster Award! I haven't written a blog post in a while and this reminded me of how much I love doing it so thanks Gemma!

Right, less of the babble let's get on with it- I'm getting far too sentimental in my old age.

The Liebster award is a fun tag that gets people reading new blogs!


Answer the questions you've been asked.
Choose more bloggers to nominate (must have under 200 followers).
Ask those bloggers a set of 11 new questions.
Contact the bloggers to let them know they've been nominated!

  • If you could live in another time/decade when would it be and why?
I would live in the 1960s. This is because it was when people started getting a bit kick ass about important issues, and it just seems like a really exciting time to be alive!
  • Which would you rather be: really hot or really cold?
I would rather be really cold, I can't cope being too hot- it must be my Welsh genes not being used to the sun!
  • Who is your favourite band/musician?
Oh wow this is the most stressful question on the list because I like far too many different bands and musicians to pick just one! I would say that I tend to steer towards bands like The 1975, Bastille, Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend as a general rule. But you will find me dancing like there's no tomorrow to dubstep if I have a few cheeky vodkas in me...

I will say though that Taylor Swift is someone I will always love.
  • How would you sum up your blog in three words?
Bits and bobs
  • What's your favourite quote?
'Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.'- Jimmi Hendrix (according to google)
  • If a song had to be played to sum you up, what would it be?
If there was a song to sum me up, I would have to write the damn thing myself ;)
  • What's your favourite book?
The Harry Potter series will always be my favourites, they're my childhood (I'm not a witch, you know what I mean!!)
  • Heels or flats?
OH MY DAYS FLATS- I am partial to a heel now and again but I am a tall girlie I don't need no heels
  • If you could have any accent in the world, what would it be?
Probably Southern Irish, they sound really chipper all the time it's lovely.
  • What item could you not live without?
My car! I use it to get to work everyday, I just love driving!
  • When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Haha I wanted to be everything from a doctor to a farmer's wife! I have always stuck with the writing thing though, I have always said I will write a book someday no matter what profession I was into at the time.

Thanks Gemma for tagging me, so nice to be reminded to blog!

I nominate AlexAliceKathryn and Molly

Here are your questions ladies!

1. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? (This is not always the same animal as your favourite animal unfortunately)
2. What would you say to someone thinking about starting a blog?
3. What would be your perfect date?
4. Would you rather have to wear your clothes inside out for the rest of your life, or back to front?
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. Do you believe in fairies?
7. What's your least favourite food?
8. Can you whistle? (Give brief detail on level of skill)
9. Have you ever had a job? Explain.
10. Who out of famous bloggers or youtubers do you aspire to be like? 
11. Most embarrassing moment?

Well that was a magical experience! More blogs to come this week!

That's it really!
Oh alcohol.


  1. Keeley, I've loved looking through your blog! Thank you so much for tagging me. I've actually done the Liebster Award on my blog already, but I'm so honored!

    xo Molly

  2. Oh thank you for tagging me! only just found this! xx