Saturday, 4 January 2014

Where I've been! New Year, Uni Life and Everything in between...

Why hello! I should imagine that I will be writing to an audience of around zero today, as I have not exactly been the best behaved blogger of late. If you are bothering to read this, and read a couple of my posts over the summer you may vaguely remember in your distant memory that I have been in university!

I am currently living and studying in Oxford and I absolutely love it! In fact, I have been a naughty blogger in these few initial months in order to allow for new friends to be made, and parties and also the occasional essay thrown in (around twelve in twelve weeks, humph).

I have been craving desperately to get back into blogging, so I figured the New Year was probably a good start! I will be uploadng a few blogs over the next few days including things like New Year bits and bobs and maybe a few of my favourites from 2013.

Okay, now I have cleared up all that LET'S GET CRACKING AGAIN. I have found that I have been missing blogging, it's kind of a way for me to have a good think about my life and write some thoughts down to share with anybody who gives a s**t. You don't actually have to give a s**t though to ready this blog, it's a free country where I live. 

That's it really!

Here is my friend Megan and I dressed as police officers. I am good cop because I'm 'innocent' and stuff... ;)

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