Saturday, 4 January 2014

Baby Sister Things...

I have a baby sister! I know this is a little bit late really, since she was born on 16th October 2013, but she is here and she is PERFECT. Her name is Penny and I am now going to post some photos to show you what a beauty she is. I am twenty years old and she is my only sister, it's quite an age gap but so lovely at the same time! I will do a post soon about the baby shower I threw for my Mum because it was really lovely, and I think there are some nice ideas in there (if I say so myself).

Here are various photos of my baby sister Penny, she really is the cutest little thing.

I love this photo, she's just too cute and luckily she loves her big sister, I make her laugh.

This was taken before a family dinner over Christmas, that dress is adorable. She's more stylish than me!

I just love holding her little hands, so cute!
That's it really!

I really hope it snows soon... Here's me aged 16


  1. Penny is so cute! That's such a lovely name! I hope you have fun looking after her x

    1. Aww thanks! She's hard work but fun :) x

  2. hi :) just to let you know i've nominated you for the liebster award - the questions are on my blog post for you!